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You know you're a Bubbler when...

..you remember where the Combo was, the hot spot in Bubbletown
..you remember laughing when the Carllisle HS Band marched by.
..you get a little pissed off when you hear them pronounce it "CARlyle" on the channel 8 news.
..you still consider Cumberland Valley to be "Cow Valley"
..you sat in the balcony of the Carlisle Theater BEFORE the renovation.
..you still wonder whose idea the Possum Lake Twirlettes was.
..you remember not only Massey's Burger Shake, but all of the failed restaurants that have occupied that building since then.
..you remember when George's used to have bible verses on the walls behind the soda fountain.
..anytime you have a hot dog, you say "Well, it's not as good as a hotchi."
..know what difference between a "hotchi" and "one with everything" means
..you're grateful that none of the chain bookstores have moved into town and driven Whistlestop Books out of business.
..you remember when Fay's used to be a Goodwill.
..you own a brick from the Lamberton building.
..you stay away from town during car show weekends.
..you wonder why they don't make Stick's Potato Chips anymore.
..you still think Allen's Dairy had the best ice cream.
..you've owned at least one car with MARTY'S on the back.
..you still expect I81 north to end at Rt 11 north of town.
..you shopped at Giant when it was still Carlisle Food Market downtown.
..you remember Johnny's Willow Fillo.
..you have stood in front of the old courthouse and looked for the Civil War bullet and shell pockmarks on the columns.
..the old prison downtown still kind of gives you the creeps.
..you've had breakfast at the Farmer's Market restaurant.
..you ate at John's Hideaway when it still had that great old jukebox.
..you drive by the addition to Bosler Library and think "What happened to House Of Pizza?"
..you remember the purple house on College Street.
..you still wonder who lived in Thornwald Mansion before it was burned.
..you get the first day of deer season off school or work.
..you bought records at Smith Music House.
..you remember hearing at least one person say they "knew someone who saw Tommy unpacking cases of Alpo for the hotchi sauce" behind the Hamilton.
..you played pool at Kokolis Brothers.
..you know what a Vinnie salad is.
..you used to deliver the Sentinel when it was the EVENING SENTINEL.
..you used to play at Skull Rock.
..you still wonder why they had both Woolworth and Woolco at the MJ Mall.
..you tried to climb up the water tower, even if you didn't try to spray paint it.
..you've shopped at Larry's Trading Post.
..you know what the Mollygrub is.
..you would never think of doing it any other way but catch & BEFORE they had catch and release.
..you wish that the Embers hadn't gotten rid of that old "sunburst" sign.
..you know that the "subway" in town has nothing to do with chain restaurant hoagies.
..you used to get free hot dogs at Pennsupreme on trick or treat night.
..Pine Grove Furnace felt like it's in another state.
..you waited outside Biddle Field or down at the dorms for Redskins autographs.
..you still call it the Hardon Motel. ..you know where Garden Cave is and not the bar. ..you remember the day the Grand Hotel burned while you ice skated.
..Ben Barber played one of your requests.
..you remember when the fairgrounds actually had a FAIR every summer.
..you still don't consider people who live out in Slusher Village real Carlislians.
..you snuck down into the "stop on the underground railroad" in front of that big mansion on Orange Street.
..you love the way all of the buildings on Dickinson campus are made from the same limestone, but wonder why the gym looks like a circus tent.
..you remember the big wooden Indian that used to stand on the used car lot on East High Street.
..you remember when Weis was a Tally Mart and had a big brick tower.
..your Mom shopped at A&P (not the one at MJ Mall, but the one downtown by the Molly Pitcher Hotel).
..you wish they'd renovate the neon sign at the Stardust Motel.
..you had a shake or fries or burger from Betty's Bar B Que (Zizzi's) ..You remember where the "Pink Cow" was
..you know what the M in M&Z stands for, and it's not "Masland."
..you used to look at the backgrounds on the Redskins football cards and say "I recognize that house!"
..you've coasted down from the top of Waggoners Gap with the clutch in neutral.
..you still think people from Mt. Holly talk funny. (And let's not even get STARTED on Perry County!)

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